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About us

Philosophy without actions is useless.
Actions without philosophy are dangerous.
We are the team of versatile specialists who are passionatly working to offer the truly outstanding products and solutions for your business. We are focused on what we are doing the best - studying, researching and creating the most extraordinary and fresh ideas on the market


We are offering innovative and creative solutions in the field of making cosmetics and household detergent goods.  From raw materials - to equipment, from idea - to implementation. 


In the core of our business is the philosophy of creative innovations. Every year, in our own labratory, we are studying hundreds of new components, trying their different untypical combinations, exchanging the experience with our leading foreign partners, studying the most modern equipment and designing the whole production flowchart. We do dozens of tests, constantly visiting major international exhibitions and conferences.  As the result of dilligent working we may offer not only unique components, but also the "plug-and-play" solutions, which were developed with considerations about local market specifics, market demand and even marketing pecularities.


We strive to make innovations affordable, while finished products attractive with great value for consumers. 


If you truly share our values and want to create products which not only bring profitability, but also make people lives better, that is the great reason to do this together.